Meditation for Pain Relief and Healing (Feel Better in 10 minutes)

This meditation is designed to help reduce chronic pain. The relaxation response will counteract the effects of stress and help to reduce pain.

Relaxation techniques are safe for anyone to use and do not have the side effects of pain medication.

Chronic pain can be a very frustrating experience. You've been told something is wrong, but chronic-type injuries don't go away and keep bothering you long after their original cause has healed up on its own accord - which means this new problem will likely never resolve itself either!

It also makes your body sensitive as heck: aches become painful at the slightest touch or movement (even though there isn’t anything actually wrong), anxiety starts pouring in from all directions like water filling cracks on hillsides during heavy rain season…

So what can you do?

Hospitals are increasingly relying on relaxation techniques as an effective way of reducing pain and speedy recovery.

Cleveland Clinic is one such hospital that encourages its patients to utilize these methods after surgery in order for them not only feel better but also have a shorter post-op timeline with minimal discomfort or scars left behind!

We have created this guided meditation with the hope that it can help you on your journey and put more control in place when treating yourself or others with your chronic pain!

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