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Foot Strength & Wellness Sessions

Program Includes:

  • 21 professional therapy sessions  

  • 125+ practices (guided, less than 15 minutes daily)

  • Online streaming + Lifetime Access

  • iPhone/Android compatible (any device)

  • BONUS! Guiding Booklet (Printable)

  • BONUS! Secret Tips & Tricks (for chronic pain)

Foot Strength & Wellness Sessions

  • Limited Enrollments

  • Lifetime Access (start instantly)

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


If you suffer from neuropathy, diabetic foot pain, plantar fasciitis, or foot aches - there's a good chance this program can significantly improve your quality of life faster than you think. 

Foot Wellness Benefits

Following this proven 21-session series of exercises, along with extra tips and secrets gives you direct access to a licensed physical therapist without the enormous price tag. 

You can discover stronger, healthier, and pain-free feet without leaving the comforts of your home! Imagine what your life can be like when you're not held down with foot pain.

These science-based techniques are safe and easy to learn - including the secret bonus tips that can improve more than just your feet. 

Fast Pain Relief

Improved Strength

Lasting Results

Why Do My Feet Hurt?

Did you know nearly 87% of people experience painful feet at some point in their lives? It's not surprising when you consider all the wear and tear we put on our feet.

And can you believe less than 1/3 of those experiencing foot pain ever seek help from a professional? 

There's a list of reasons as to why; it takes too much time, it's too expensive, it's not "that bad"...

But this is a dangerous game because we are on our feet everyday and their well-being can significantly affect our quality of life. 

Let's look at some of the common causes of foot pain:

  • Neuropathy (tingling and numbness)

  • Arthritis (pain and swelling)

  • Diabetic Foot (burning and prickeling)

  • Tendinitis (poor range of motion)

  • Overuse (soreness and fatigue)

  • Lack of use (weakness and redness)

Many times the pain doesn't happen overnight, but gradually gets worse without you even noticing - and then wham!


The Real Risk of Neglecting Your Foot Pain

Imagine not being able to use your feet. How would this affect your everyday life? 

How would you get out of bed? get dressed? get downstairs? walk? or basically, do anything? 

Your life would become incredibly difficult or impossible, leading to many other negative side effects that could quickly domino into weight problems, sleep issues and mental health challenges.  

Now imagine improving your feet - eliminating pain, improving strength, range of motion, and endurance. This could have a significant positive impact on your life since everything you do with your feet will become easier.

This can quickly jumpstart a more fun, active lifestyle with nothing holding you back!

Standing up all day at work? Not an issue!

Can't sleep because of your aches? Not anymore!

Going for a family hike this weekend? No problem!

Want to try a new class at the gym? Too Easy!

What Can This Program Do For You?

If you've ever experienced foot pain, been restricted from doing things, or laid in bed with throbbing feet - this program is for you!

Join Kaitlynn from Onecompress™ (a licensed physical therapist) for 10-15 minutes a day, every day, for 21 days.

Together, you'll learn exercises that can help ease pain, strengthen unsuspecting muscles and joints, and stretch supporting body parts that can lead to long-lasting improvements. 

Seeing a Physical Therapist is typically a very time-consuming, expensive, and even intimidating experience.

This unique opportunity gives you access to the same information patients pay hundreds of dollars for and you don't even need to leave your house. 

You'll have instant access to:

  • Kaitlynn (professional physical therapist)

  • 21-days of therapy sessions (proven system)

  • Over 125+ tailored exercises (easy-to-learn)

  • BONUS - secret tips and tricks (for chronic pain)

  • BONUS - exercise printout + calendar

Join the 150,000+ happy Onecompress™ customers who got tired of living with pain and decided to do something about it and are much better off now because of it!

We are excited to see where you'll be in 21 days! Are you?


Foot Strength & Wellness Sessions

  • Limited Enrollments

  • Lifetime Access (start instantly)

  • 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


What Students Are Saying... 

What Students Are Saying... 

"I used painkillers to get through my work shift until..."

"My ankles and left foot have been an on-going problem. I had to use painkillers to get through my workshift until I got this program and started following it. I'm nearly completely off the painkillers and work is so much easier now! 

-Dawn R. 

"Very easy to follow and exercises really help my pain"

“I was nervous about using an online program at first because I'm not great with technology, but the email came and I got the videos right on my phone and ipad. The sessions have helped my foot pain so much! Very impressed.”

-Brianna S. 

"Finally targets the root cause and heals the right way"

“I’ve tried countless different products for my foot pain and numbness. This program shocked me with how well thought out and thorough it is. I feel like it helps you target the root cause of your pain and shows you how to deal with it the right way.”

-James C. 

"Professional help without leaving your home"

“I thought $97 for a course was expensive until I realized how much a single trip to the PT actually costs! And after completing the 30 days, this is a much better option - less expensive and a lot more convenient.”

-Parker H.

"I can do it at my own pace which helps a lot"

“I’m a busy mom with 2 kids constantly on the go so I was nervous I wouldn't have time to follow the exercises. But thankfully if you miss a day or two it's no big deal. Kaitlynn is great and my feet are finally starting to get stronger which helps minimize the pain.”

-Jordan L. 

"This is great and works for all ages"

“I bought this for myself to help with my plantar fasciitis, then my wife ended up using it also, and then my 16-year-old son did it after he suffered a soccer injury. Helped all of us immensely - great information!”

-Jacob F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really make changes in 21 days? Is that enough time?

Yes! If you follow the exercises as outlined for 21 days, you'll see measurable and noticeable results like the many who have completed this before you.

Will this fix my feet?

Foot pain is complex, and wellness is an ongoing, lifelong process. 

Do some people experience dramatic results? yes, they do. 

Does everyone completely eliminate their foot pain in 3 weeks? No, but most are extremely positive about their experiences and progress. 

During the program, you'll develop a very powerful foot wellness routine and habit, you'll learn key insights, exercises and stretches to keep healthy feet. It's fun, science-based, and practical.

I have a foot injury, is this safe?

In all cases, please check with your doctor. We are not medical doctors, and this program is not intended to treat or cure any foot conditions. 

It is designed to provide a series of practices and frameworks to strengthen, stretch and recondition the muscles, tendons, nerves and joints around your feet, which in turn can provide a very positive impact. 

This course is not recommended for you if: you're on a lot of painkillers, you have fractured or broken bones or you experienced a significant injury less than 2 weeks ago.

What if I'm not atheltic or fit?

Most participants aren't running marathons or living a particularly active lifestyle - that's a big part of why you might join this program.

You'll learn effective techniques from a trained physical therapist, that can help you get closer to your ideal lifestyle. 

What if I have arthritis? Neuropathy? Plantar fasciitis? Diabetic Foot?

In all cases, please check with your doctor. Assuming your doctor clears you for physical therapy or movement, we welcome you to this program and hope it will help you deal with these conditions like it has for the many before you. 

Do I need any special equipment?

You do not. There will be exercises with props, but you can use basic items from around the house (towel, coins, cans, etc..) - it's also possible to use some Onecompress gear to further help, but they are absolutely not mandatory. 

What happens if I miss a day?

You probably will, and it's not a problem! 

All videos are neatly organized and labeled so you can easily jump back and forth to whichever days you need. 

You also have lifetime access, so you can go through this program as many times as you'd like.

How long do I have access?

Forever! All videos will be available to you 24/7 so you can go back and repeat the program any time. 

What if I'm not good with technology?

No problem, as long as you can receive emails and follow simple instructions you will be completely fine! 

You will receive a login to our Onecompress Academy - which will give you access to the challenge. From there everything is very nicely laid out, even allowing you to track your progress. 

You can access the course from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. (Bot iPhone/Android compatible). 

If you have any questions or trouble accessing the challenge just send us an email and our customer support team will help you right away! Email: support@onecompress.com

Do I get anything for finishing the challenge?

Yes! You will receive a certificate of completion and hopefully, you'll have significantly improved your foot wellness which allows you to live life on your own terms free from pain or restriction! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason (or no reason at all) you're unhappy with this program, simply send us an email for a quick and easy refund. We stand behind all our products and programs with an unconditional, 60-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Online only. Available Worldwide

Questions? Contact support@onecompress.com

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