Safety Precautions


Cannot be used while charging, please use the product when it is not charging;

Long press the power button when not in use;

During use, if you want to stop using, please turn off the power first;

It is not suitable to use this product while driving;

Non-professional personnel should not disassemble or repair privately;

Do not use if the power cord is damaged;

When water or other liquids enter this product, do not use it;

Do not use when the product is abnormal;

If you have any discomfort, please stop using this product immediately;

Do not place the product in flammable, explosive, chemically contacted or humid places;

Do not use sharp instruments to contact this product to avoid damage to the product;

This product contains lithium batteries. Before discarding the appliance, the battery must be taken out of the appliance. When removing the battery, the device must be powered off.

Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Recycle the battery if possible. Do not dispose of batteries as household garbage. According to the national laws governing the disposal of such items, batteries must not be thrown into fire for disposal.


Incorrect operation can cause dangerous content.
Caution Situations where incorrect operation can cause personal safety or property damage.


Those who have the following conditions should use it with caution or follow the guidance of a doctor:
Pregnant or postpartum women
Suffer from bone disease
Those with excessive skin (such as scalds or burns)
Patients with cancer
People with severe heart disease who have abnormal blood pressure
Patients with epilepsy
The body has implanted devices (for example: pacemakers)
People with osteoporosis.


Radio frequency communication equipment may affect this product. Do not use this product adjacent to or stacked with other equipment. Do not use products other than special accessories, otherwise it may cause increased radiation and reduced immunity.


Technical Parameters:

Rated power: 7.5W
Rated voltage: 5V
Battery capacity: 1850mAh
Default timing: 30min
Note: This product is a rechargeable product that is compatible with TYPE-C interface charging.

Use Environment:

Temperature range: 5℃ - 40℃ 

Humidity range: 15% ~ 90%RH

Atmospheric pressure: 70KPA - 106KPA