How I Easily Relieved My Ankle and Foot Pain Over Lunch

May 12th, 2021 | By Lisa Hoezl

Have you ever experienced pain, swelling or stiffness in your ankle or foot? Maybe you're even dealing with chronic pain, arthritis, tendonitis or plantar fasciitis. This was me. My ankles constantly in pain and swollen like balloons making it nearly impossible to enjoy anything that involved me being on my feet.

It got to the point I was icing my ankles during my lunch break at work, just so I could get the swelling down and have enough strength to finish my shift. As you can imagine, when my shift was over and I got home, I went straight to the couch, threw my feet up and laid there until bedtime. Only getting up when my husband made dinner or if absolutely necessary.

Things went on like this for a few months and I could feel it getting out of control. Not only was my ankle and foot pain getting worse, but my health was declining rapidly, I never had any energy and my shifts at work began feeling like 16 hours instead of 8. My weak, painful feet were really starting to become a burden in my life. 

Then it happened and I hit rock bottom...

I was limping out of bed one morning getting ready for work, when I overheard my husband and kids having breakfast talking about our annual camping trip. 

"Are we going to bring the couch for mommy?" my youngest daughter asked. 

Instantly a wave of embarrassment, guilt and shame overcame me. I stopped dead in my tracks and it all hit me. I'd completely let myself go. I had stopped cooking family dinners, stopped exercising, stopped playing outside with my children, stopped cleaning the house, and stopped enjoying life. 

Instead I was constantly worried about staying off my feet and managing my foot pain. In this moment, I knew I needed to get my pain under control and get off that couch!

So that morning on my way to work, I stopped at the drug store, picked up some ankle wrap, a generic brace and some numbing cream. I was hopeful one of these would help make the work day more bearable. 

Well as it went, the ankle wrap took about 10 minutes to figure out, got all twisted and even when I tried wrapping it extremely tight had almost no support... 


I had more hope for the brace as it at least was providing some support and was easy enough to put on with the instructions. Then I went to slide my steel-toe shoes on and realized there was no chance I was getting my shoe on over this bulky brace...

Double Fail.

I was down to my last option, the numbing cream. I applied a thin layer and have to say after about 10-15 minutes it relieved some pain (although I didn't care for the smell). Then, I started itching, and then itching more, and more...until I finally had to rip my shoes off and scratch my feet till they were practically bleeding... 

Triple Fail. 

Needless to say, none of those ideas worked. So, I decided to visit my doctor to get a professional opinion (and perhaps get my numbing cream rash checked out). 

"I used to frequently roll and sprain my ankle playing soccer. Since wearing these ankle sleeve supports I haven't done it once!"

- Bobby W.

He said there's a high chance I've developed either arthritis, neuropathy, tendonitis or a combination of sorts in my feet. He mentioned some options including various medications or even surgery. None of which sounded ideal.

I was pretty defeated after the visit and of course my feet were killing me from work. I went straight to bed that night and couldn't stop thinking about how much surgery would cost and what the recovery time would be. 

After a couple more painful days went by - I was at work icing my feet again, when a coworker came up and slapped a couple strange looking socks on the table in front of me.

"Just put these on and thank me later" he said and started to walk away. 

I was very confused and after a couple seconds tried yelling back to him that I already have socks, so what in the world was he giving me more for? He didn't turn around. 

I pulled the strange looking socks towards me and examined them a bit further. They had a couple strange straps attached to them and didn't have any material to cover the toes. Sparking my curiosity, I decided to put them on. 

What happened next completely shocked me...

"I have diabetic neuropathy and was completely shocked how fast these relieved my pain. 

- Courtney R.

Relief & Support

The Perfect Combination

As I slipped the first sock on, it immediately felt like it was squeezing my foot and ankle from every direction. It was such a soothing feeling, like someone was giving them a warm hug. Then I grabbed the two straps that were dangling on the side and wrapped them around my foot and ankle until they were snug.

The first thing I noticed was how much more stable my ankle felt, like it was reinforced with a strong tape. I proceeded to put the other one on as well. Then, I stood up and walked around the room, varying my speed and changing the angle of my steps like my kids do when they are trying on new shoes.

I couldn't believe it! These strange looking socks with straps were relieving my ankle pain and giving them the much-needed stability I had been wishing for! I was ecstatic and couldn’t wait to wear them for the rest of my shift, until I remembered I still needed to put my steel-toe shoes on…

I grabbed my normal socks, which were now pretty boring, slid them on over my new miracle socks with straps and then grabbed my shoe. I took a deep breathe, then slid my shoe on with absolutely no problem! Thank Goodness! I continued my excitement right out onto the factory floor and for the rest of the day, until I could finally speak with my coworker after our shifts ended.

I asked him where in the world he found these ankle sleeves and how he knew I’d love them. He went on to tell me how he wore them after spraining his ankle badly a few months back, and they helped him recover much faster than normal because they provide compression plus stability. He then said, how he saw me trying out all those different foot wraps, braces and creams the other day, so he thought I could give these a try…

I told him this is the first day my ankles aren't throbbing in pain and he has no idea how much he just improved my life...

Over the next few weeks I wore the ankle sleeves every single day. I wore them to work, I wore them while exercising, I wore them playing outside with my kids and I even wore them to bed sometimes. I can't tell you how amazing it felt to walk around without pain and feel energized after work. And guess what the best part is?

That's right! I got off that couch and started enjoying my life again! I started cooking dinners, progressing at work, and spending quality family time again. I went on our annual family camping trip and hiked 2 miles to a small lake where we all went swimming and spent the day. 

I'm so grateful these compression ankle sleeves found me and allowed me to start enjoying life without constant pain again!    

Final Thoughts

These Onecompress Compression Ankle Sleeves completely exceeded my expectations. I honestly didn't know what to do about my constant ankle pain and swelling. I wasn't sure if I had or was developing neuropathy, arthritis or tendonitis, but either way, you don't realize how restrictive ankle and foot pain is on your life until you finally get control of it! I think anyone who is struggling with ankle or foot pain can benefit from these. 

My favorite parts about the Onecompress 4D Compression Ankle Sleeves are:

  1. The Material - Not only does the compression feel great, but it's extremely comfortable and doesn't make my feet sweat even on warmer days.
  2. Adjustable Stability - The adjustable straps are genius. They provide a ton of added support, and are extremely flexible so you can adjust how tight you want them depending on what you're doing or how much pain you are in.
  3. Overall Comfort - I can't stress how comfortable these are. Unlike bulky braces or wraps that get all twisted, these fit like a glove and don't bunch up even after putting your shoes on (nothings worse than a loose sock under your shoe). 
  4. Washable - The nice thing is you can just toss these in with the regular wash and reuse them. I still got multiple pairs so I can wear one while the other is being washed though. 
  5. Recovery - Wearing these after an injury or surgery for recovery would be a great idea, especially if you have some lingering pain or want to recover faster. 
  6. Prevention - If you're prone to rolling your ankle or ankle injuries in general, these are extremely effective for preventing nasty injuries or developing long-term conditions. I wish I would have started wearing these much sooner!
  7. Performance - Another great benefit of these impressive sleeves is a boost in performance. I won't exercise, work or do anything active without them anymore. They make your feet feel so much stronger and more capable!
  8. Price - The Onecompress Compression Ankle Sleeves seem really premium and usually cost  reflects this, but I was actually able to get them on sale for 50% off (great deal) when I ordered my last pair - if you can get the deal, the price for the quality is unmatched.

Overall, these adjustable compression ankle sleeves have significantly improved my everyday mood, health, workflow and  happiness. (Funny, just as I was writing that my husband came in asking to borrow my extra pair while he goes jogging...Might have to get him his own pair because he's asking a lot!)

I used to drag through work, come home and lay on the couch letting life pass me by. I now realize it was all because of how poor my ankles and feet felt. It's no fun dealing with sharp pains, throbbing, swelling and random numbness every time you do something on your feet. (Which is almost everything!)  

If you're struggling with even the slightest amount of ankle or foot pain, I highly recommend trying these Onecompress Ankle Sleeves before taking medication or undergoing any surgeries. They worked wonders for me!

I've included a link to their website if you're interested in checking them out. Last time I checked they were all sold out (That happens when they run their 50% OFF sale), so if they're available I'd recommend getting a few pairs. 

Good luck and cheers to a happy pain-free life!

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