Martha Stewart (82) Shares Her Secrets to Look 47! Avoid These 3 Things to Stay Healthy

Martha Stewart, a famous home and lifestyle expert, looks incredibly young for her age. She recently appeared on the cover of a swimsuit magazine at 82! How does she do it? We'll show you her daily diet, exercise routine, and her special 'green juice.'

Martha starts her day with puzzles to keep her mind sharp. She loves outdoor activities like horseback riding and cycling, and spends hours in her garden. She eats lots of greens and veggies from her garden, prefers fish over red meat, and avoids processed foods and white flour. She rarely eats snacks and keeps alcohol to a minimum.

Her secret 'green juice' is a mix of fruits and veggies like celery, pear, cucumber, and more, all from her garden. She believes it's a big reason why she's so healthy.

Martha also exercises regularly, with walks, treadmill workouts, yoga, and Pilates. And she takes great care of her skin with face masks, Vitamin E serum, and sunscreen.

Martha's lifestyle is a great example of how to stay young and energetic, even in your 80s.

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