Christie Brinkley (69) still looks 30! She AVOIDS these 3 things to stay healthy

Christie Brinkley, at 69, still looks astonishingly young, like she's in her 30s! Ever wondered how? This video is your golden ticket to Christie's incredible secrets to staying healthy and youthful.

Imagine having the vibrant energy and stunning looks of a 30-year-old in your late 60s. Christie Brinkley, supermodel and a mom, does just that! But how? There's more to her youthfulness than meets the eye.

In this exciting video, we dive into Christie's life, revealing the surprising lifestyle choices and diet habits that keep her looking decades younger. She's a vegetarian with a colorful diet, but that's not all. Christie's routine is a blend of simple yet effective practices, mixed with three essential things she strictly avoids. What could these be? The answer might shock you!

Christie's approach to life is as fascinating as it is mysterious. From her active daily routine to her unique dietary choices, there's much to uncover. She believes in the power of positivity and movement, but there's a twist in her tale – the three things she never does. These might be the key to her age-defying looks!

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