3 Mistakes that Lead to Wear and Tear Arthritis

In the United States, 1 in 4 adults are affected by arthritis. That is roughly 54 million people who are living in pain and discomfort (CDC.gov). Although arthritis affects everyone differently and what you need to not only live but thrive will depend on your personal condition.

Whether you have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, making healthy lifestyle choices and using the right products is the best way to help manage your pain. But there are some common mistakes people with arthritis make that can lead to worsening symptoms.

In this article, we will outline some common mistakes, ways to help prevent wear and tear, and the #1 best way to improve your life and ease the pain with arthritis.

Common Mistakes

Limiting movement

A big fear among people with arthritis is to limit their movement out of fear it will cause them more pain. But this is 100% not true. Movement is the best thing for you. Limiting movement can cause more stiffness and weakness.

Exercise may be the last thing you feel like doing but it will help strengthen your muscles, support your joints, and increase your range of motion. Going for walks, swimming, and strength training are among the best forms for exercise to get you back on track.


Pushing through Pain

Exercise is very important in managing your arthritis, but it is equally as important to recognize your limits and when your body and joints have had enough. You may be causing more wear and tear if your joints feel hot or swollen.

Although after a strenuous workout you may feel a little soreness which is okay and to be expected. Best to talk to your doctor about the amount and types of exercise you should be doing.


Not seeing rheumatologist regularly

A lot of people see their primary care physician when they first start experiencing arthritic pain. However, when managing your condition, it is important to see a rheumatologist.

They specialize in treatment for arthritis. Booking regular appointments are key to ensuring you’re monitoring your condition consistently and can make adjustments to your treatment and medication before it slides too far.


#1 Treatment that will instantly relieve your Arthritic Aches and Pains

Compression gear!!! Yep, you heard right, something as simple as putting on compression apparel can get you back to living and thriving in your daily activities.

According to Karena Wu, a doctor of physical therapy and the owner and clinical director at ActiveCare Physical Therapy in New York City, compression clothing can significantly reduce pain brought on by arthritis and reduces stress on key pressure points (Everyday Health).

Compression clothing such as socks, wrist braces, knee braces etc. will:

  • Alleviate Pain
  • Significantly minimize inflammation
  • Reduce Flare-Ups
  • Provide joint stability
  • Support muscles

Where can I get high-quality compression wear?

OneCompress provides gentle compression and therapeutic heat throughout the area, alleviating pain while keeping you comfortable and dry. OneCompress apparel is used for relief, prevention, and recovery.

Not to mention the clothing and braces are very easy to put on and wear. Within 60 seconds you can start feeling relief and be able to continue about your day. Click HERE to get your compression gear and get back to living your life in comfort.



 **This is not professional medical advice**