Health worker discovers 'naturally pain-free' feet for less than $50
Faith Thompson
May 11th, 2024
"I was helping patients with their foot pain while struggling with my own. It was becoming impossible to do my job."
Jenny Stalone is a professional reflexologist, a profession that primarily focuses on foot massage and the application of pressure” to the hands, feet, and ears. Reflexology is based on the theory that your extremities are connected to certain organs and body systems.

“I opened my massage clinic in 2005 after earning a degree in kinesiology at the University of Michigan and working with some of the area’s most well- respected physical therapists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists,” Jenny explained.

“I always knew that I wanted to work in the wellness field, which is why I studied kinesiology in school, which is the science that studies the way physical activity affects the body and overall health. Helping people to feel and perform their best is basically who I am.

But when her own body started to turn on her, her own life began to spiral and soon became unmanageable.

“About 3 years ago, I had back surgery to deal with a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. One of the extremely rare risks of this surgery is that some patients can develop neuropathy, pain resulting from nerve damage.”

Unfortunately, Jenny was one of the unlucky ones and she developed a bad case of neuropathic pain in her left foot that gradually became worse over time.

“As a professional, I know that neuropathic pain can be mild or severe, can come and go, or linger. Diseases like diabetes, shingles can cause it, as can damage to a nerve, which was what happened in my case.”

The tingling, burning pain started in her toes, but began to extend to her ankle and got increasingly worse over time.

“The pain in my feet would start as soon as I got out of bed and would gradually get worse throughout the day. It felt like I had an ace bandage wrapped around my foot that was on too tight, but it was just the nerve pain and nothing would relieve it.”

When it got really bad about 3 months ago, she found herself asking her staff to treat her patients while she spent most of her time at work doing busy work in the back office, not at all the way she wanted to spend her life.

“By the time I got home, I had to take pain medicine just to walk my dog,” Jenny recalled.
Foot Pain Made “Staying on My Toes” Impossible
“The one positive thing I took from the experience was that I developed empathy for my patients who live with foot pain every day. I was determined to find a way out of this for myself and my patients as well.”

Being a health professional and not being able to treat my own pain made me feel useless. I began to get really depressed.

“One day, as I tried to sneak into my office so no one would see me limping, one of my patients asked me if they could do anything to help. I’ve spent 20 years of my life helping others perform and feel their best. Now, I couldn’t even help myself. Every step was a painful reminder that my life was falling apart.”

Have you ever experienced this type of tingling, burning pain and are worried because nothing’s helping? 

There’s a happy ending to Jenny’s story, so read on to find out what finally helped her, and what could help you too! 
When the pain meds stopped working, I had to take more and more just to get out of bed, which made me sleepy and unable to perform at work at all.
“I would set my alarm every morning for an hour before I actually had to wake up so I could pop a pain pill. They helped for about 2-3 hours, but when they wore off, the pain came back like a bolt of lightning. Anyway, I knew they were just masking the problem and I didn’t want to be addicted to pain pills forever. Not to mention the damage they were doing to my liver and my emotional state. “

Jenny asked one of the other massage therapists to perform reflexology on her foot, but with this kind of nerve pain, even the slightest touch sent her through the roof. Soon, even just wearing shoes was painful.

“Exercise was out of the question. On some days, I could barely walk,” she added.

The anxiety was overwhelming. Jenny would wake up every morning thinking, ‘I can’t spend the rest of my life taking pain medication and sitting in my back office hiding from my patients;’ not to mention, she knew her business would suffer.
My Surgeon Surprised Me with a Non-Surgical Solution
"Eventually, I reached out to my orthopedic surgeon and explained my situation.”

Afraid that he would suggest more surgery, Jenny waited a long time before contacting him, but to her surprise, his suggestion had nothing to do with knives or needles!
“My doctor sent me a link to Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves. When I first read his text, I thought, how could socks help me with this horrible pain. Little did I know that these bamboo sleeves would change my life!
Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves carefully apply pressure to 5 essential compression zones on the feet. This allows them to quickly and effectively reduce swelling, soothe pain, and make burning tingling sensations disappear.

“I wondered how a sock could do so much. but after diving into the science, it all checked out.”

The compression helps boost blood and nutrient flow and helps push out deoxygenated blood up and away from the feet while assisting lymphatic drainage.

“The bamboo material is incredibly soft, much softer than cotton. They’re so comfortable—they envelop your feet in a pleasant, well-distributed compression."

"The best way I can describe it is that it finally felt like the imaginary ace bandage was removed and the pain was gone!”

“They’re breathable, durable, and anti-bacterial too!

“It’s been about 6 weeks since I started wearing my Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves and I’ve been using them every day. My foot pain is a thing of the past and now I recommend them to my patients who suffer with similar conditions.”

“I purchased a few pairs so I could wear one pair to work and then wear a different pair to sleep—that’s right, they work while you sleep!”
Stand up to foot pain—try Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves. You won’t regret it!
“I am back to working with patients again. In fact, I’m so busy that I hired an assistant to take care of the paperwork so I can spend more time helping my patients heal!”

If you’re experiencing neuropathic foot pain, order Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves Today! ,

Beware—there are many other brands that claim to be the best compression socks, so be sure to order yours from the official Onecompress Bamboo website.
The Science Behind Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves
Inflammation, poor blood flow, and swelling are often the main factors causing all kinds of foot pain.

Gentle pressure helps overcome these factors by improving blood flow, which helps to kickstart and speed up the recovery process.

Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves are made with all natural bamboo, which is more sustainable, as well as much softer and breathable than cotton.

Need more convincing? Check out these reviews from verified users.
Thousands Of Happy Customers Are Living Pain-Free Again
  • Jocelyne E.
"I bought the footsleve with skepticism that it would help with the arthritis pain, restless leg syndrome and neuropathic pain. I have been wearing it for 5 days now and I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised. It does help with the stiffness in the morning and helps a lot with the neuropathic pains in the evening. I am very happy and if you have doubts like me, just try it. You never know!"

  • Susan H.
“I've had foot pain for the past 15 years, and now I won't go a day without wearing these. I've tried many different compression socks before, but this bamboo material is by far my favorite and feels the best."

Don’t Let Pain Knock You Off Your Feet!
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Customer Reviews

"I must admit that I was sceptical at first when I bought the gloves.. THEY ARE FANTASTIC and truly work. I bought the foot sleeve for my aching ankle and it has helped to reduce the constant nagging pain.
I recommend to anyone with arthritic joints."
Amalia T.

Roanoke, VA

"I have suffered from neuropathy caused by chemo for about 2 years. These compression socks gave me IMMEDIATE relief after wearing them overnight. And this relief lasted well into the next day. I also improved even more wearing them a second night, so this is now part of my bedtime routine."
Rosemary L.

Charlotte, NC

Onecompress Bamboo Foot Sleeves
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