"Who Else Wants to Sleep Away Foot Pains?"

By: Joanna Magat | Published: March 29th, 2023

I had never felt pain like this before. It was 11pm and I woke suddenly to what felt like hot lava being poured on my feet. I threw off the blanket hoping the cold air would help and BAM! My feet were 2-3X bigger than normal. It quite literally looked like someone blew them up like birthday balloons. I thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction, or broke my foot somehow, because they hurt like crazy! 

I swung my feet out of bed, placed them on the cold floor and NOTHING. I couldn’t feel any difference. The burning sensation and pain were the exact same. I tried getting to my feet, wondering if walking it off might help. But when I stood up and tried to walk, BOOM! I fell hard. 

I’m not exactly sure what happened next, but when I looked around there was water everywhere. I had knocked the glass from my bedside table and now the floor, my books and me were covered in water. 

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SWOOSH! Just then the door to my bedroom swung open with my 34 year-old daughter peering in with an extremely worried look on her face. Closely behind her followed my 5 year-old grandchild. And there I laid with soaked pajamas in a puddle of water in extreme pain. 

“Is grandma ok, mommy?” my grandchild, named Cole asked as he stood there with an extremely confused look on his face. 

As I’d learn later, this was my first real dealing with foot neuropathy.

Things Got More Serious...

relieve foot pains, onecompress bamboo footsleeves, sad woman

The pain didn’t really go away. In fact, it got worse in the coming days. It was most extreme at night, and each day I felt my feet getting progressively more swollen. Then the burning sensation, and throbbing became too much to even fall asleep. Which made my mornings, and overall mood even more unenjoyable. 

My daughter started to worry because she had a weekend trip planned with her friends, and I was in no condition to watch my grandson Cole. 

I was almost constantly in pain, couldn’t stand for long, and definitely couldn’t get a good night of sleep. 

So I decided to go see a neurologist physician my good friend recommended for some answers. 

The Diagnosis: Foot Neuropathy

I found out I have neuropathy in my foot. Basically nerve pain, where nothing needs to touch my foot but I’ll have pain. Great.

Apparently it started with my left foot, but has since gone into my right foot. Exact cause unknown, outcome uncertain. I had a procedure done in the neurologist office where they shocked my leg, and advised me not to cross my legs anymore - except it didn’t help at all. 

So I went online and read up on foot neuropathy treatments. I tried getting fancy orthopedic shoes, got socks off Amazon, started taking collagen and calcium supplements. Maybe some of it helped a bit, but there was no real relief. The aching and unpredictable burning pains were still there, and it was starting to take a toll. 

relieve foot pains, onecompress bamboo footsleeves, sad woman

The Worst Part...

As the weekend of my daughter’s trip approached, it became obvious I wouldn’t be able to watch Cole full-time. My foot pain and lack of sleep was just too excruciating and unpredictable. 

This was shattering news for me. I was really looking forward to helping my daughter, and spending quality time with Cole. And now she had to drop him off at my ex-husbands, while I spend my nights tossing and turning with burning "inside out" foot pain.

This feeling of immobility, always fatigued and helplessness was ruining so much. My daily life, duties as a grandmother, and social circle were falling apart. I never realized how much I took my pain-free feet for granted before all this happened. 

I was so devastated and determined to escape all this, I decided to schedule a small chance procedure. Surgeons wanted to inject my feet with botox to apparently paralyze the nerves. This combined with daily doses of medications should produce improvments they said. 

I didn’t like the idea of a life subjected to monthly injections and daily medications, but I was desperate.

relieve foot pains, onecompress bamboo footsleeves, sad woman

My Daughter Couldn't Believe It...

“MOM!” My daughter yelled as she threw open the door. 

I was expecting her to tell me how amazing the trip was but instead she frantically started unpacking her duffle bag.

“I have something for you” she said excitedly, as she rummaged through what seemed like every compartment in her bag. 

“Here it is! Now close your eyes!” she teased as she put something behind her back. 

“So you remember my friend Becca Roberts, the one that works at the high–end salon downtown?”

Waiting for her to continue I sheepishly mumbled “Yes…”

“Well I was telling her about your foot issue and how you can’t sleep or be on your feet very long… And she told me she had the same exact problem! I was obviously shocked to hear this because she’s quite young and she’s on her feet all day. So I asked her what her secret is?”

She paused for a second and then whispered playfully “And then she told me her secret!” 

I perched up from my slouched posture, suspensefully waiting to hear more.

“It’s this!” she answered excitedly as she revealed what was behind her back.

I was skeptical of the secret...

relieve foot pains, onecompress bamboo footsleeves, sad woman

When I saw it, my heart sank. “It looks like a pair of socks - I’ve tried plenty and they don’t help.”

No, no, she insisted, “this is a special one. Becca told me she tried everything, including dozens of different socks, and none of them worked. But then her holistic doctor recommended these footsleeves made of natural bamboo compression. Apparently she wears them to bed every night and they really help with her neuropathy. Just feel it!” And then she threw one of the footsleeves into my lap. 

I grabbed the footsleeve which had a nice weight to it, and ran my fingers across the gentle compression fibers which were tightly bound in a criss-cross pattern. It was extremely soft, and stretchy. It felt expensive. 

“How much was this?” I asked my daughter.

She squinted at me “not sure, Becca gave these to me for free, but said you should buy the right size for you online.”

As you can probably guess, I was extremely skeptical. “Alright let’s see if these things can help me get back on my feet.”

“Let’s hope so, because Cole kept saying how much he missed Grandma all weekend!” my daughter teased as she sat down ready to tell me all the details about her trip. 

The new few days SURPRISED me...

relieve foot pains, onecompress bamboo footsleeves, sad woman

So after the first night of wearing the Onecompress Bamboo footsleeve, there was no ‘huge’ change to my feet in the morning. I slept much better, because the soft compression felt nice and eased the burning. But night 2?

During night 2, my feet felt so much more at ease, and in the morning there was far less swelling. To be fair, I can’t be sure it was the effect of the footsleeve (though I’ll tell you in a second why I believe it was). In any case, by the end of the first week, I had no doubts anymore. 

The swelling in my feet decreased drastically, and that “inside out burning” feeling was nearly gone. Sure, I wasn’t ready to go run a marathon or anything and my feet weren’t fully recovered. 

But I could sleep peacefully, move around, and go about my daily routine without agonizing nerve pain again. And honestly whenever they got sore, I would put the Onecompress Bamboo footsleeves on to help ease it. They were making a HUGE difference, and I was finally hopeful!

My Thoughts on Onecompress Bamboo

As I’m writing this, my grandson, Cole and I are getting ready to go for a walk for some ice cream in town. It’s been about 23 days since I started wearing the Onecompress Bamboo footsleeves to bed every night, and I’m thrilled. It’s helped my feet immensely, and I’m so grateful to be able to sleep peacefully again. 

And one week ago, I actually received two brand new sleeves because the original pair from Becca was a little big. I’ll tell you they’re even more effective in the right size. Another great thing about ordering from Onecompress was the massage techniques and exercises they send you after purchasing. 

relieve foot pains, onecompress bamboo footsleeves, sad woman

I’ve found wearing the footsleeves to bed eases my foot neuropathy, and allows my feet to regenerate while I’m sleeping. Which in turn allows me to be on my feet longer and have the energy to do more things I want to do. Like take my grandson for ice cream, or meet friends for coffee.

The combination of wearing these bamboo footsleeves and doing some massage techniques has made all the difference. I truly can’t express how lucky I feel to have found these Onecompress Bamboo footsleeves.

How Does Onecompress™ Bamboo Work?

From what I gathered Onecompress uses a specialized bamboo compression material. The sleeve has 7 precision zones designed to provide therapeutic pressure and promote healing in your foot. 

The constant pressure improves blood flow by up to 40%. This signals your body to release helpful oxygen and nutrients that ease pain and help repair damaged nerves.

All this happens once you slide the sleeves on your feet and requires zero effort. That's my kind of solution!

Aside from neuropathy - these can help with things like: diabetic foot, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, drop foot, and swelling.

relieve foot pains, onecompress bamboo footsleeves, sad woman

Here's how you can try the Onecompress Bamboo footsleeves (if there is still stock available)

NOTE: They are only available online, and can't be found in stores.

1. Order Onecompress Bamboo from the company's official website below:

2. Start improving your feet with zero effort for great benefits.

The link to their website is included below. Last time I checked they were all sold out (seems they are having a hard time keeping up with demand), so if they're available I'd recommend getting them - especially if they're still on sale. 

Thank you for reading and be well!

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