The War is Over: OneCompress Bamboo Sleeves Winning the Battle with Knee Pain
"The Crimes We Commit Against Our Hands"
By: Joanna Magat | Published: February 17th, 2024

There is perhaps nothing more heartwarming than witnessing a military mom or dad returning home from the battlefield and surprising their child with a warm hug. This is one of the most beautifully significant moments in life that should not be missed because of pain.
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Unfortunately, many of our military heroes return home to face a brand new battle. Knee and other joint conditions caused by combat-related injuries and stress can make these moments difficult or even impossible.

The president recently said that the brave men and women in the military are the 1% that make life for 99% of us safer. And the truth is, the agony, discomfort, and pain associated with knee conditions can affect 100% of us. No one is immune—not even the bravest of them all.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
If you’re like 1-in-4 Americans who find themselves at war with pain, forced to experience life from the sidelines because of the burning, aching, and throbbing discomfort associated with many knee conditions, life can seem to pass you by—robbing you of memories, moments, and joy.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
What Causes Knee Pain?
Knee pain is complex and can be related to a number of different contributing factors; one of which is osteoarthritis (OA), a condition characterized by pain, stiffness, and inflammation. OA occurs when the cartilage in the knee gets thinner. The entire joint, the bone, and nearby ligaments, fat, and the synovium (lining of the joint) may also be impacted.

With conditions like osteoarthritis,, there is a progressive loss in articular cartilage, which leads to a significant increase in friction.  Picture sliding on ice versus coarse asphalt.

Commonly known as bone-on-bone pain, knee osteoarthritis can range from mild to severe. 

As we age, the cushioning between the knee joints deteriorates and the naturally-occuring lubrication diminishes, making the once simple acts of walking, standing, and bending seem nearly impossible to tolerate.

All this friction generates inflammation, which causes intense pain and stiffness, especially in the morning and at the end of the day. Years and years of this friction can cause the cartilage to become exhausted, and eventually die.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
For many military servicemen and women, the pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and joint deterioration can begin much earlier in life, with many suffering with debilitating conditions as early as their twenties.  

Most people believe that the best thing for preventing this agonizing pain is to stay off your feet, stop working, cease exercising, and basically stop living your life as you’ve known it. The result of this lack of movement, however, can have completely opposite, compounding, and devastating effects.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Jake Barnes, a military father of two, who recently returned to the states after his second deployment to the middle east, suffered a severe injury to his knee during combat. 

As a result, Jake was forced to spend 4 months in rehab at a base in Abu Dhabi. Still requiring the use of a wheelchair, Jake received an honorable discharge, and was sent back to his home state of Minnesota, where he would be able to undergo physical therapy as an outpatient.

Instead of facing his family in a wheelchair, feeling like a burden, Jake was contemplating hiding out at the local VA hospital and recuperating rather than going home to his family.  

He was convinced that all he needed was a few weeks off of his feet and he’d be ready to return home and be the active father he wanted to be for his wife and young children.

But the truth is, as much as this young soldier deserved a few weeks of well-earned R&R, lack of movement can have the completely opposite effect, and lead to compounding and devastating outcomes, forcing this hero dad to be removed from his daily life for much longer than he anticipated.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
And ramifications like weight gain, loss of muscle mass, and  even heart disease can all increase as movement decreases. And this biting pain can interfere with one’s ability to earn an income, participate in family activities, or perform simple tasks — basically causing one’s quality of life to slowly take a nosedive, eventually leading to psychological and mental impairments like constant nervousness, hopelessness, and eating imbalances.

All of this can begin to cause us to age before our time—and like Jake, leave us feeling utterly useless.

To make matters worse, these effects can snowball, and get more severe over time.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Current research has shown that if you want to wipe out knee pain and keep moving, your body needs to remain in motion. 

But how can you stay active when you're in constant pain? It’s a dilemma so many of us face.

In the past, the only real options available were addictive prescription medicine, painful injections, and risky surgery.

But, a group of leading orthopedic researchers have partnered with a team of engineers to create a solution to this age-old problem.

Onecompress™ Bamboo Knee Sleeves have been meticulously designed to fit into today’s active lifestyles. 

The most comfortable compression material on the market affords you with relief from knee pain without the need for addictive pills, agonizing needles, or dangerous surgical procedures.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Made from a bamboo material, not only designed to relieve sharp pain, numbness, and swelling, OneCompress™  Knee Sleeves have many other benefits over standard compression sleeves.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
This is Heather, a longtime knee-pain sufferer, who has struggled with discomfort in her joints since playing sports in high school.

“I’ve had knee issues for years and I’ve tried just about everything to combat it,” explained Heather. I used OTC pain meds, prescriptions, creams, various braces—even PT. 

Nothing took the pain away for long. It was getting intolerable and extremely frustrating.”

But recently,  a friend told me about OneCompress Bamboo Sleeves and I’ve never looked back.”

“OneCompress Bamboo Knee Sleeves provide calm compression and therapeutic healing, plus natural support for improved strength,” she continued.

“And natural microgaps make them breathable, bacteria free, and hypoallergenic. Made from bamboo that’s 100% organically grown, so there’s no pesticides, no insecticides, and no fertilizers. I feel good knowing they’re sustainable as well as comfortable. I can finally enjoy all day relief and have been able to get back to doing the things that I love.”  

And because bamboo is thermoregulating,  it keeps you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. And it’s naturally moisture wicking, preventing odor four times more than cotton.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Onecompress™ Bamboo Knee Sleeves have been meticulously designed to fit into today’s active lifestyles. The most comfortable compression material on the market affords you with relief from knee pain without the need for pills, knives, or needles.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Benefits of OneCompress™  Bamboo Knee Sleeves Over the Competition:
#1) Heals While You Sleep: The first knee compression sleeve that can be worn while you sleep! Instant and easy relief anywhere and anytime you need it.

#2) Superior Effectiveness: Relieves and prevents stabbing knee pain, discomfort, and stiffness more than the competition.

#3) Luxuriously Soft and Comfortable: Superbly soft and so easy to wear that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them—and they get softer with every wash.

#4) Thermoregulating: Bamboo is more breathable than cotton, so it keeps you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot.

#5) Sustainable: Bamboo is one of the earth's most-eco-friendly materials on the planet, using 60% less water to produce.

#6) Calming Compression: Improves blood circulation, promotes healing, and reduces muscle fatigue.

#7) Natural Support: Improves strength, increases motion, protects, and prevents injury.
Where Can I Get OneCompress™  Bamboo Knee Sleeves?
At OneCompress, we aim to provide the absolute best solutions for aches and pains. Our technology works hard to reduce swelling, improve circulation, and achieve maximum comfort for troublesome knee pain. But they are not sold in stores. To try OneCompress Bamboo Knee Sleeves, completely risk-free, simply head to our website and order yours today!

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onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Satisfied Customers Agree
“I’ve tried other compression products but these are hands down the best. The benefits from increased strength to pain relief are impressive. Plus I can wear them while sleeping because the bamboo material is so soft and comfortable and maintains the perfect temperature without making my knees sweaty. They're truly a life saver.” 


“As a mom, I have struggled with knee pain since my pregnancy and now I realize I didn’t have to. Do not make the same mistake I did. Get yourself a pair of these oneCompress Knee Sleeves immediately.”


“I love my one compress bamboo knee braces so much that I ordered an extra pair just to take on vacation. My left knee is worse than my right so sometimes I sleep with it on, overnight for comfort. If I’m going to do a lot of walking, these bamboo knee compression braces keep everything tight and bearable. I love them and I only wish I knew about them sooner. I have already spread the word to my friends. There are NO other knee braces compared to these!!”

Kathleen A.

“My husband has bad knees, the doctor told him. I got the knee sleeves for him, since we went on a trip and I thought they would help him. They helped so much that he is even now wearing them and I had to order another pair, so I can wash them and he has a pair to wear while the other is in the wash. He loves them and even showed them to the orthopedic surgeon. The dr was impressed and said it was excellent that they have a rubber rim, to prevent them from slipping. Love it and will definitely buy it again.”

Kathleen A.

“It's great. It has stopped my knee twisting to a degree and I'm able to walk a little further. It's also reducing the fluid in the tissues by making me 'wee' more. Don't fall down. But after having it on all day I'm ready to take it off after tea. I've just sent for another fir my other knee. Thank you for working.”

Lynda B.

“I just wanted to thank you you as I have just received my bamboo knee compress I put it on straight away and was absolutely blown out of the water I am in chronic knee pain 24-7 and at 51 i am waiting to have a knee replacement and haven't walked normally for I don't know how long now as I have been suffering for over 8 years but I have just stood up and walked normal without pain I am in tears of happiness as I right this I cannot wait for my husband to come home and for him to see. This knee compress is going to change my life and I am going to order another one for my other knee. Thank you so much for making my day.”

Andrea B.

“Since having double knee replacement in 2020 have bought / tried heaps of knee sleeves / supports without any success. Bought 2 Bamboo Knee Sleeves which has eliminated my constant cold knees, poor circulation (after nerves were cut during surgery) and cold toes. I highly recommend them to anyone who has any medical issues with their knees. I ordered 1 size up due to occasional swelling and it was perfect.”

Tony A.

“I am 8 weeks post op from right knee replacement and Shoulder surgery 5 days ago. These knee sleeves are the best I've used and I highly recommend them. Thank You so much as this will help speed up my recovery.”

Craig R.

*Free Shipping*
If these testimonials don’t convince you, here’s some news that might make you less skeptical. 

The makers of OneCompress™  Bamboo Knee Sleeves are offering a 100% 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee if not fully satisfied. 

Simply put, if you don't receive the relief and support you need, or you're unsatisfied in any way, you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

To make this deal a no-brainer,  the makers of OneCompress Bamboo Knee Sleeves are offering free worldwide shipping.

With all the buzz surrounding OneComress Knee Sleeves, they've been flying off the shelves.  Order yours today while supplies still last!
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Finally, agony no longer has to mean defeat. Thanks to OneCompress Bamboo Knee Sleeves, there's a way to banish knee pain—so powerful that you’ll be back on your feet, sleeping comfortably, and participating in all the joy that life has to offer!
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Thanks to OneCompress, Jake was able to leave the VA and return home to his beautiful family.
If you’re like many Americans battling with excruciating knee conditions, the war with pain is finally over!
With OneCompress Bamboo Knee Sleeves, it’s possible to greet life’s most precious moments with open arms.  
Order yours today.
***Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and in no way is meant to prescribe, evaluation, or treat knee pain. Please see your physician if you are experiencing symptoms and before beginning any exercise regimen.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief
Can I wear my OneCompress™  Bamboo Knee Sleeves during the day?
Yes! You can wear your sleeves day, night or anytime in-between. It's designed to be extra-comfortable and provide you support whenever you need it.
Can I sleep in OneCompress™  Bamboo Knee Sleeves?
Yes! That’s the best part. You can wear your OneCompress knee sleeves at night and experience healing while you sleep.
What if I order the wrong size?
It happens! Just send them back and we will send you another pair right away.
Can I bundle more than one size?
Yes. Simply add (2) single pairs of sleeves to your cart. Aat checkout, enter the following coupon code: BAMBOO2 - For two pairs
Can I wash my OneCompress™  Bamboo Knee Sleeves?
Washing with cold water and allowing the sleeve to air dry is our recommendation.
What is the 60 day money back guarantee?
​​If you aren't happy with your purchase, just send them back for a full refund. No questions asked.
Where are you located?
Our company and products are all designed in the United States.
How long will shipping take?
Our company and products are all designed in the United States.
onecompress bamboo, kneesleeve, natural knee pain relief


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The War With Knee Pain is Over!
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***Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and in no way is meant to prescribe, evaluation, or treat knee pain. Please see your physician if you are experiencing symptoms and before beginning any exercise regimen.
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