"How I Improved My Hands and Why I Wish I Did It MUCH Sooner"

December 23rd, 2021 | By Benjamin Kurtz

Can you imagine if you weren’t allowed to use your hands for even just one day? How would you drink your morning coffee? Get dressed? Or use your phone?

Quick answer – you wouldn’t.

Unless you hired someone with “working hands” to make your double latte with almond milk, put on your pants one leg at a time, and perform your morning scroll that is…

Which honestly just sounds like a huge hassle, because it’s no fun having someone else judge how your pants fit or that your feed is littered with pointless memes.

Luckily, most of us can use our hands every day. Thank goodness for that. #win.

But this simple thought also makes us understand just how much we use our hands.

We use them for practically everything; work, driving, cleaning, communicating, shopping, typing, reading, and even pulling out the occasional wedgie or two.

The point is we use our hands in some way or another for everything in life.

So, if we use them for everything, why don’t pay attention to them more? I mean I can’t remember the last time I used my eyebrows for anything, but people spend hours on those every month. Attentions hogs.

But seriously?

What if you not only paid more attention to your hands, but even improved them a little bit every day? Made them healthier, stronger and even perform better for you?

How could that change your life?

Well, I'll tell you how it changed mine...

Onecompress compression solutions, pain-relief fast and natural

Onecompress Gloves

How Hand Wellness Changed My Life

About 4 months ago, I was experiencing some hand fatigue and soreness. I noticed it most while working on my computer. I guess smashing my keyboard and squeezing my mouse for 8 hours a day isn’t great for you. 

At first, it wasn’t a big deal, then it started to get progressively worse.

It got to the point where I casually started icing my hands at lunch to see if it helped. I tried ordering a fancy "ergonomic" keyboard and mouse. I even ventured on the infamous WebMD, which basically told me to amputate them (that’s a joke.)

None of it really helped. My hands weren't improving and it was becoming very annoying.

Onecompress compression solutions, pain-relief fast and natural

What Can I Do? It Sucks...

After some additional research, I started to wonder if I was having an early onset of arthritis, or carpal tunnel, which apparently doctors love to recommend you lots of expensive medications and even surgeries for.

Obviously, none of that sounded ideal, and I was kind of at a loss about the whole thing. I felt pretty defeated.

You Want Me to What?!

eliminate hand pain, stiffness, compression gloves, arthritis hands

After another week went by with the same amount of keyboard smashing and accompanying hand pain, I went to a friend's house to play some video games.

I was kind of nervous about gripping the controller (he gets pretty serious when playing video games), so I forewarned him before we jumped into a long 3-hour gaming session.

I told him how my hands haven’t been working great lately, and it might make me worse than usual. (Yeah I'm not good.)

Expecting him to shoot me some sly remark about how old I’m getting, I was shocked at what he said next.

“Dude, I have exactly what you need!” he said excitedly, jumping up from the couch.

Then he ran into his bedroom, swiped something off his nightstand, and came rushing back out before the loading screen had even moved one bar.

“Put these on,” he said and threw over some strange-looking fingerless gloves. “Normally I wear them at night, but you can wear them while playing video games or doing other things also.”

Wait, he wanted me to wear gloves inside the house, in the middle of summer, while playing video games? Seriously?

“Just put them on before the game starts” he motioned.

What do I have to lose, I thought, and so I put them on.

What Happened Next Completely Shocked Me…

eliminate hand pain, stiffness, compression gloves, arthritis hands

Ever since I put those gloves on, I haven’t gone a day without wearing them. (I'm actually wearing them while typing this article) They have significantly reduced my hand fatigue and soreness. No more icing my hands at lunch.

Actually, my hands feel better than ever. I usually wear them for 20 minutes after work, and then every other night I’ll wear them to bed. It’s hard to explain and kind of crazy, but you can feel a difference in your hands almost immediately after putting them on.

After some research, I found out these are Onecompress™ performance gloves. They are made with some special material that is designed to improve overall hand wellness by compressing your hands with the perfect amount of ‘squeeze’, and therapeutic heat. 

eliminate hand pain, stiffness, compression gloves, arthritis hands

I guess the constant pressure improves blood flow, oxygen levels, and nutrients in your hands, which helps your hands recover and heal much faster than normal.

I’d love to tell you more about how these Onecompress™ gloves help your hands and why it makes them feel so much better, but to be honest, I don’t fully understand it myself. I just know they have really helped me, and I’ve recommended them to everyone I know, even if they don’t have any hand pain since.

Better Hands with Zero Effort

hand pain solution, tendonitis gloves, trigger finger gloves

I’m so thankful my friend showed me these, I never would have found them if he didn’t. He told me a lot of big-time gamers are starting to use them for hand recovery after long streaming sessions, and swear by them. So he decided to try them and started noticing how much better his hands felt also.

Either way, since I’ve started wearing them my hands haven’t been sore, or tired. In fact, they’ve felt much more energized and stronger.

Now, healthier hands haven’t made me a millionaire, more attractive, or necessarily a better person per se, but it has allowed me to get through work without pain, learn some new things (guitar in my case), and stop constantly complaining about my sore hands.

All with essentially zero extra effort, since all you have to do is wear gloves and let them compress your hands, which naturally improves them.

No expensive medications or nasty side effects either.

EVERYONE Will Be Using These Soon

eliminate hand pain, stiffness, compression gloves, arthritis hands

I wouldn’t be surprised if these gloves end up in every household, or workplace in the near future, because honestly, we are all demanding more and more from our hands every year. Constant texting, scrolling, typing, clicking, gaming, and obviously everything else we do with our hands has an effect.

And these Onecompress™ gloves really help. It’s not surprising they’re starting to go viral in the gaming world and hobby community.

Overall, I highly recommend you try Onecompress™ gloves if you experience any sort of hand pain, fatigue, soreness, or discomfort, but I also recommend trying them even if you don’t.

We use our hands for everything, why not improve them and treat them better? 

I'm sure happy I did. 

Want to Try Them? 

If you are interested in strengthening your hands and preventing hand pain, here’s how you can try Onecompress Gloves:

1. Order Onecompress gloves from their official website below:

2. Start improving your hands with zero effort for long-term benefits.

I've included a link to their website below. Last time I checked they were all sold out (That happens when they run their 50% OFF sale), so if they're available I'd recommend getting them - especially if on sale. 

Thank you for reading and be well! 

"Right after putting these on, I ordered another pair to keep in my car for when I drive. The material and compression are so soothing and make my hands feel so much stronger."

Jack W.

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