How I Easily Relieved My Chronic Hand Pain in Under 43 Seconds...

May 15th, 2021 | By Benjamin Meier 

Have you ever experienced soreness, fatigue or numbness in your hands? Perhaps it goes deeper and you've even had severe swelling, stiffness or stabbing pains in your fingers and joints. This was me. My hands constantly in pain and always struggling to grasp small objects like a potato peeler or computer mouse.

It got to a point where I was icing my hands after work in an attempt to revive them enough to cook dinner or go outside to throw a frisbee with my nephew. It was really starting to become a burden in my life. 

I needed to get it under control because I knew it was most likely only going to get worse. I went to my doctor and he said there's a high chance I've developed either arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis or a combination of sorts in my hands. He mentioned some options including various medications or even surgery. None of which sounded ideal.

I was pretty defeated after the visit. After a couple more painful days went by - I was at a family party when I noticed my Aunt wearing these gray fingerless gloves. Sparking my curiosity, I asked her why she was wearing gloves on such a beautiful warm day. What she described next completely shocked me...

Relief & Prevention

"I can't believe it took me this long to find these! I have been suffering from arthritis for almost 20 years now. Onecompress Gloves are the best solution for quick relief" 

- Rory L, Age 47

Relief & Prevention

The Secret

She explained how she knits every night before bed and noticed her hands were getting really sore afterwards. It started to get so bad that the throbbing pain would wake her up in the middle of the night. Then, one afternoon, she came across these highly praised Onecompress Gloves while browsing online. She didn't think much of it, but decided to give them a try...

"I don't leave the house without these anymore", she said pointing at the gloves with a big smile. She said they have helped her hand pain immensely and she wears them to bed almost every night and hasn't woken up with hand pain since.

This obviously sparked my curiosity even more and lucky for me, she had an extra pair in her purse. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't skeptical before putting them on, but thought "what the heck", I don't have anything to lose and simple gloves would definitely beat taking medication or getting an expensive surgery. What happened over the next month completely improved my life...

First 3 Weeks with Onecompress Gloves

DAY 01:

After slipping the gloves on, it feels like my hands are under a constant gentle pressure. Feels strange but also soothing. Not sure if it can be considered "instant" relief but definitely seems to be helping. Only wearing for 30 minutes today.  

DAY 03:

I wore them to bed last night. Woke up feeling well rested and my hands seemed a little more energized. Not exactly sure if it's because of the gloves though?

DAY 08:

I'm excited! I wore them for 3 hours today (getting used to wearing them) and all I can say is WOW. I definitely feel a positive difference in my hands. They have much more energy and the pain is significantly less. I also noticed my hands aren't getting as cold even with the gloves off - not sure if it's correlated though. 

DAY 15:

Starting to wear them almost all day now. Loving them and just like my Aunt, I won't leave the house without them. Wore them on a long car ride today and when I got home, my hands felt amazing. I even decided to cook a fancy dinner for my wife and I. Still some occasional soreness here and there but huge improvement overall.

DAY 21:

I'm getting so much more done at work and home! The days of icing my hands are over! I'm feeling so much more energized and excited about doing things. My wife is amazed with how much more energy I have and we've even picked up playing tennis together again. I'm so happy I don't have to deal with the constant drag of sore hands anymore. Absolutely thrilled I found these and I'm now a believer!

"These gloves are the real deal. The difference in the way my joints and hand muscles feel is night and day!" 

- Nicole M, Age 34

Final Thoughts

Onecompress Gloves have completely exceeded my expectations. I honestly didn't know what to do about my sore hands. I wasn't sure if I had or was developing arthritis, carpal tunnel or tendonitis, but either way, you don't realize how restrictive hand pain is on your life until you finally get control of it! I think anyone who depends on their hands can benefit from these gloves. 

My favorite parts about the Onecompress Gloves are:

  1. The material - Not only does it make my hands feel great, but it's extremely comfortable and doesn't make my hands sweat even on warmer days.
  2. Open fingers - I can wear them all day because I'm still able to use my phone, computer or take care of pretty much anything I need too.
  3. Washable - It's super nice to be able to just toss these in with the regular wash and reuse them. I still got multiple pairs so I can wear one when the other is in the wash.
  4. Prevention - I think wearing these for prevention and recovery are also extremely effective and I wish I would have started wearing them when I was younger.
  5. Price - The Onecompress gloves seem really premium and usually cost a lot, but I was able to get them on sale (great deal) - if you can get the deal, the price for the quality is unmatched.

Overall, these gloves have significantly improved my mood, workflow and happiness. I used to feel sluggish and get frustrated so easily. I now realize a lot of that was because of how poor my hands felt. It's no fun having hands that are sore and ache all the time. I highly recommend trying Onecompress Gloves before taking medication or undergoing any surgeries. They worked for me!

I've included a link to their website if you're interested in checking them out. Last time I checked they were all sold out (That happens when they run their 50% OFF sale), so if they're available I'd recommend getting a few pairs. 

Good luck and happy hands

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